Greater Victoria
109–2675 Wilfert Road
Colwood, BC V9B 1H8
T: 250.478.3067


Respectful behaviour towards teachers, parents and other students is expected at all times. Students must be ready to dance at posted class times so as not to disrupt ongoing lessons by entering late. Unless prior arrangements have been made, a student who is continually tardy may be asked to sit out a class.


Uniform & Grooming

Proper uniform upkeep and grooming are an essential part of dancers’ training and necessary for participation in all classes. No jewelry is to be worn in class and students should not bring valuable personal items to the studio, as WDS will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Samples of dance uniforms as well as some new and used items will be available at registration. It is mandatory for all dancers to have the required uniform for each class.

Studio t-shirts, character skirts, junior bodysuits and junior skirts are only available through WDS. Other required uniform items can be purchased from:

  • Toes “N” Taps Dance Shoppe located at 1733 Cook St., Victoria (250-480-0017)
  • Ellswear Dance & Activewear located at 616 Hillside St. Victoria (250-721-5356)


Dropping Off & Picking Up Students

Dance teachers are not responsible for supervising students outside of normal class time. Parents of younger students may stay until the dancer has been invited into class. At the completion of class, students must wait inside until their rides have arrived.



Registered students will have a communication file for monthly newsletters and frequent notices. These files are located on the table in the entrance way and should be checked regularly. Student files are alphabetized and preceded by files for teachers,  parent volunteers and WDS (Debbie Halusiak). The student file system is our primary method of communicating with families. Please ensure your student has a file and if not, leave us notification in the WDS file. All recent information and newsletters are also left on the table and updated on a regular monthly basis.

As a backup and additional means of communicating with families, an email distribution service has been implemented. Any families wishing to be a part of this email distribution service should ensure WDS has all your current information.

If you must speak to a teacher during instruction time, please do so at the beginning of your student’s class. You may also contact us by email.


Watching Weeks

In all fairness to shy and easily distracted students, we have limited Watching Weeks. We encourage students and parents to visit various classes during these times in order to view different levels and styles of dance. It is exciting, inspirational and beneficial for younger students to watch senior classes and have opportunities to interact with older students. Video cameras and cameras are welcome during these weeks but please remember to turn your cell phones off while observing classes. Please respect teachers and students and refrain from “visiting” with other parents during class time as this is very disruptive for all concerned.

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