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Exams & Performances


WDS is proud to be registered with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D. ballet) and the Association of International Dance Teachers (A.I.D.T. modern jazz and tap). Both associations offer accredited examination programs. We encourage dancers to begin the examination process as soon as our instructors believe the student is ready. This allows them to become familiar and comfortable in an exam setting so when they reach the stage where they receive high school credits for their work, the process is done with ease and confidence. Certain skill levels and standards must be achieved before students will be considered for a formal exam. Participation in examinations is at the discretion of the teacher and studio director. There are additional costs for examinations that must be paid in full prior to the student’s registration for any examinations.


Performing Group

The Performing Group is a group of dancers selected to perform choreography of all forms at community functions as well as festival competitions. Dancers are asked to become members of this group when teachers feel they are ready.

The volunteer WDS Performing Group Committee coordinates all fundraising to help cover any additional costs the group may incur. All members are expected to help and participate with fund raising as required. All monies raised go to the Performing Group and are used as determined by the WDS Performing Group Committee for additional costumes or other related expenses.



Depending on schedules WDS annually takes part in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, the DanceArts Festival, as well as the Upper Island Festival. Choreography is selected mainly from the existing repertoire of WDS Performing Group as well as certain numbers from the previous recital. Individuals are selected by the existing teachers to perform solos, duos, and trios.  Dancers will not be selected unless they are actively participating with Performing Group. There is an additional cost to participate at these functions.


Annual Recital

The year-end recital is a culmination of the hard work and dedication of the students and teachers at WDS. It gives many students their first opportunity to perform on stage in a theatre.  For some students, the recital is the highlight of their dance year.



We expect all students to participate in the annual recital. If a student is not able to take part written notice is required by the end of the first week in January; otherwise, the parent(s) will be responsible for costume costs. There will be no refunds for costume deposits after the first week in January.

Students registering after February 1st may be asked to understudy (learn the dance without performing), as previous training and rehearsal is important to the success of the recital. Students not participating are expected to attend classes, since valuable instruction continues during recital rehearsals.

Attendance is crucial at this time of the year; the absence of dance partners or group leaders can be detrimental to the entire class. Prolonged absenteeism may result in the need for private lessons at extra cost, or even potential removal from part or all of the dance recital number. From January 1st onward each year, any student absent for six or more classes in a row (without previous discussion with WDS) will have been deemed to have quit dance. Should the student return after this lengthy absence, participation in the year end recital is not guaranteed.



A costume is required for all recital classes. Every effort is made to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. You can expect a range from $75-$110 per costume per class. In order to allow for the initial purchase of costumes and supplies, a $85 deposit is required at time of registration (you may use a cheque post-dated November 1st). Please remember that this is a deposit. Outstanding costs must be collected before costumes can be picked up (No Exceptions).In the event that total costume costs end up below initial deposit costs, a refund will be issued during early registration. Also note that any other outstanding costs such as class fees, festival fees, (costume and registration) and dance examination fees will also need to be paid in full before costumes will be released to students.



To ensure all families have an opportunity to see their child perform, each family has an option to purchase 4 tickets to the year end recital. These tickets (up to the maximum of four) can be reserved and prepaid at time of registration. Families will have another opportunity to purchase recital tickets (maximum of four) in April when tickets for the year end recital become available. This guarantee of four tickets will be valid only until our TICKET PURCHASE DEADLINE which will be conveyed to all students/parents in the March newsletter of each year. Any requests from families for additional tickets above and beyond the limit of four will ONLY be processed after the ticket deadline and after all received minimum ticket requests have been satisfied. It is the responsibility of students/parents to make themselves aware of the TICKET SALES DEADLINE and submit their ticket orders in a timely manner. Tickets will not be saved to satisfy any orders that may come in late.

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