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"Now that I am in my thirteenth year of dancing at Westshore Dance Studios, I can honestly say I cannot think of myself doing anything better with my life. The fact that I am still dancing with the same girls I danced with at five years old truly shows the amount of community that surrounds this school. I can say with confidence that at eighteen years old, I still get excited for dance registration every year because it means getting to spend another year with my dance family; we always get nervous backstage before our annual recital, and our excitement never ends when it comes to possibilities for the years to come. The number of opportunities I've encountered while at the studio have been staggering, most recently becoming eligible to do teachers exams in the A.I.D.T. If I wasn't dancing at this school, I don't think my life would be as amazing as it is now. To come to Westshore Dance Studios not only means to be trained by fantastic teachers, it also marks the beginning of a new adventure which will last for decades to come."

— Kelsey Bjola

"We have been with Westshore Dance Studio for so many years, the children practically grew up there. I have had three daughters in dance and the younger ones started when they were three and are now seventeen.

"It was a great way for my daughters to grow up. They spent a lot of their free time at the studio, with great teachers, nice children, lots of exercise and music. Of course dance is so much more than just excellent exercise.  They learned respect and self discipline. Even good eating habits and general concerns are discussed.

"I am always so amazed to see how beautifully they dance now and it is hard to imagine life without dance. Recitals are a highlight in our year. Starting them in dance was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

— Sibylle Wilson

"My daughter has been with the dance school for four years. She takes as many dance classes as she can, and would be in even more classes if they were available. She loves the environment at the Dance Studio, and the support she gets from her dance teachers.

"Their watching weeks gives parents a chance to sit in on their students' classes, and to see the serious work they go through, but also that they have fun, and the instructors have fun too. It is ideal: learning in a fun environment."

— Elizabeth O'Hara

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