The Class


 Immerse yourself in the expressive and boundary-pushing world of contemporary dance. Explore fluidity, versatility, and emotional storytelling through unique and innovative choreography.


The class draws inspiration from a variety of dance styles, mainly
ballet but with aspects of Lyrical, Modern, and Jazz, while embracing the freedom to break away from traditional conventions. You’ll learn to embrace the natural flow of movement, exploring the endless possibilities of weight shifts, floor work, and seamless transitions. Students are placed according to age and ability.
  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior
  • Advanced


  • Bodysuit
  • Tights
  • Black Jazz Oxfords
  • Fitted shirt (optional)
  • Shorts or Leggings (optional)
  • Black Jazz Oxfords


  • Hair in a high pony tail (no bangs)


  • Fitted shirt
  • Shorts or Leggings
  • Black Jazz Oxfords
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