The Class


Step into the world of rhythm and dance with tap classes, where you’ll unleash your creativity, improve coordination, and experience the exhilarating satisfaction of making music with your feet.


Tap dance is all about musicality. In our class, you’ll learn to let the music guide your feet as you develop your own rhythmic skills. You’ll gain the confidence to think on your feet, respond to the music, and unleash your creativity through choreographed footwork and syncopated beats.

Tap classes are based on the Association of International Dance Teachers syllabus. Founded in South Africa, the emphasis of this syllabus is on timing, rhythm and musicality. Students are placed according to age and ability. Opportunities to participate in formal exams are at the discretion of the teacher. Students are placed according to age and ability.

Children’s Grades

  • Pre-Grade
  • Pre-Star
  • Red Star
  • Blue Star
  • Yellow Star

Preliminary Grades

  • Pre Level I
  • Pre Level II
  • Pre Level III
  • Senior High I
  • Senior High II
  • Senior High III

Major Grades

  • Bronze Lower
  • Bronze Higher
  • Silver Lower
  • Silver Higher
  • Gold Lower
  • Gold Higher


  • Black tap oxfords
  • Pink tights
  • Burgundy bodysuit (Pre-Grade to Yellow Star)
  • Navy blue bodysuit (Bronze Lower and up)


  • Hair in a bun (bangs off face)


  • Black tap oxfords and white socks
  • Black jazz pants or black shorts
  • White T-shirt
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